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ARGUS PVS-31A articulating dual NVG with NVT-White Phosphor Gen 2 1600-1700 FOM image intensifiers

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  • With our Argus 31 package, you’ll receive an array of components in the kit, each designed to optimize your night vision experience. Each unit will be hand selected for you and pictures through each tube will be emailed to you for approval prior to shipping. A 3-year warranty is provided with the unit. Now, let’s explore what’s included!
  1. The Housing: This is the central unit of your 31, meticulously crafted for durability and ergonomic ease, ensuring a comfortable and efficient operation in various conditions. The image intensifiers included allow for manual gain and autogating.
  2. The USBP (Universal Stroke Battery Pack): A key power source for your device, this battery pack is designed for longevity and consistent performance, keeping your night vision operational for extended periods.
  3. The Fischer Cable: Essential for reliable power and data connectivity, this cable ensures uninterrupted and smooth functionality of your device.
  4. The Soft Case: Protect your 31 with this durable soft case, designed to shield your device from the elements and transport it safely.
  5. Bikini Lens Cover: A simple yet effective cover to protect the lenses of your 31 from dust, scratches, and other potential damage when not in use.
  6. Argus Light Weight Night Vision Mount (LWNVM A4): A critical addition to the kit, this mount is designed for lightweight and stable attachment of your night vision device, enhancing overall usability and comfort.
  7. Eyecup: An essential component for comfortable viewing, the eyecup helps to block out extraneous light and improve visual clarity, enhancing the overall user experience.
  8. Retention Ring: This component is designed to attach a retention system to the helmet, ensuring secure and stable mounting of your night vision device.