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ACTinBlack DTNVS Housing Kit – (Dual Tube Night Vision System)


The ACTinBlack DTNVS housing (Dual Tube Night Vision System) is a rugged and feature rich articulating night vision Housing. The DTNVS Housing is constructed from fiber reinforced polycarbonate. Because of the articulation, users have the ability stow their goggles folded back toward the helmet. This reduces the overall footprint of the system when stowed. This gives the end user great flexibility when operating in various environmental conditions. Optional IPD stops can be added so IPD adjustment is consistently in the same location when pods are articulated to the down position.

In addition to a very rugged design, the DTNVS Housing features independent pod shutoff when articulated. This means that when the pods are articulated out away from the eye, they shut off eliminating any visible glow and preventing accidental light damage when articulated. This is a particularly helpful feature for users that are using handheld thermal scanners or using a weapon mounted clip-on or thermal device. This also gives the user the option to run only one pod and keep one eye unaided.

Another unique feature to the DTNVS Housing is the low battery indicator light inside the unit. Although, other night vision goggles have low battery indicators, they can widely be affected by temperature. The DTNVS adjusts for cold weather temperatures so the low battery indicator offers a more consistent reading than other units. The low battery indicator warns the user of approx. 30 min of remaining power. Although this is not an exact science and some variance still can be seen this is a huge improvement over other systems that can have huge swings in actual time a system lasts after the low battery indicator lights up.

DTNVS Ocular & Objective Lenses

The DTNVS Housing uses PVS-14 ocular and objective lenses. In addition to milspec PVS-14 ocular lenses, DTNVS can be built with other PVS-14 format ocular lenses such as DEP Ether.

DTNVS Housing Kit Includes:

  • DTNVS Housing
  • (2) Light Pipes
  • (2) Tube Retainer Rings
  • (2) Infiniti Focus Stop Rings

DTNVS Housing Assembly

PLEASE NOTE: This product is the DTNVS Housing only and IS NOT a complete system.  Assembly by a professional night vision technician is HIGHLY recommended.  Assembly without proper night vision test equipment can cause both damage to the housing and other components.  Licentia Arms Co. is not responsible for any damage from improper handling or assembly.